Water balloons

In the spirit of Photographic Adventures, it’s lots of fun to try new things and see what happens. In this case I wanted to see if I could freeze a moment in time of an exploding water balloon. I have seen images like this before and decided to give it a go. If you have a DSLR and a flash you can fire off camera remotely or with a cord that’s all you really need. And a tripod. I used black water balloons hanging from the shower curtain rod against a black background (garbage bag). Wearing black gloves and using a pin on a stick, I popped the balloon and fired the flash in complete darkness with the shutter open (set to bulb). For the color I found colored plastic acetate at a party store. The kind you typically use for wrapping flowers or gifts. I just cut a piece and taped it to the flash head. It takes awhile to set up but once you get going it’s a blast. I am looking forward to trying this again with multiple colored lights and popping several balloons together. It also helps to have a helper. Thanks to my wife for her assistance and loads of patience!

Red bursting water balloon

Green bursting water balloon